Dog Grooming at Happy K9 in Sawtry 

Bathing, Brushing, Clipping, Styling, Hand Stripping, Nail Trimming, Ear Plucking, Teeth Cleaning 
At Happy k9, we are experienced in grooming all different breeds of dog, age ranges, and ones with different medical conditions. If your dog has a skin condition, please let us know so that we can select the correct shampoo for them, or please do bring along your own shampoo if you prefer especially if they are prescribed by the vets. 
We recommend that certain breeds have regular grooming to help keep them in good condition which will benefit both their health and welfare and welcome block booking a sequence of dates to ensure that this grooming routine is followed. 
The average grooming time is usually 2-3 hours however this is very much dependent on the size of the dog, condition of the dogs coat and the temperament of the dog in regards to allowing the grooming to take place. We will always do our best to groom your dog to meet your requirements but in cases where the dog is badly matted, their coat may need to be clipped off short for the dogs welfare. We will always contact you first to advise if that needs doing. 
We are happy to work with you to teach you how to maintain your pets in between grooms, which will help keep your pet happy and matt free, and will help to improve their grooming experiences. We can also advise on the best grooming equipment to use that would best suit your dogs coat. 
Prices (based on full grooms) 
Small breeds 
£20 - £30 
Medium breeds 
£30 - £40 
Large breeds 
£40 - £60 
Extra Large breeds 
From £60 
Bathing and Nails are included in the full dog grooming prices, however if you just want this service: 
£5 per visit 
Bath & Dry 
from £10 per visit (dependant on size and breed) 
German Spitz Poodle Cross

Puppy Grooming Introductions - 2 steps - £25 

A puppies first grooming experience can be a big occasion for them – a bit like when a child gets their first haircut. It’s essential to introduce your puppy to grooming at an early age and in a way that will help make it a pleasurable and stress free experience. 

Step 1 Initial Consultation & Advice 

Golden Retriever Puppy
Bring your puppy in to meet us. Let them get used to the environment, the sounds and smells, and to us of course. We will advise you about the best grooming materials for you to use at home, and give your puppy a brush through, tidy their face and around their eyes and trim their nails. 

Step 2 First Bath & Brush Through 

Cocker Spaniel Puppy
We will introduce your puppy to having a bath, and being dried. 
Again, we will give them a good brush through once they are dried and trim their nails. We can then advise when they will be ready for their first big boy / girl haircut. 
Please Note:  
Prices are dependent on size of breed, coat condition and length between grooms. On occasion, exact prices may only be given after an initial assessment has been conducted. 
Cash, BACS, or Card Payments are accepted. All cards that have visa, mastercard, american express, or maestro symbols are accepted. 
We would appreciate it if you could let us know in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment so that we can reassign your booking to a dog that will be on our waiting list. 
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